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"How To Pass A Woman's Sh*t Tests... And Make Her Surrender To Your Dominance"

Discover why you should *stop* trying to pick up women at bars and clubs...and start approaching women during the day...and get spectacular results fast!

Derek Rake

This Seduction
Mini-Guide will open your eyes to the hidden secrets of female psychology. These secrets alone can turn a vixen into a sexually compliant kitten in no time.

Trust me on this; these principles will come in handy when you’re facing a major cock block, or if you’re at your wit’s end trying to turn an aloof girl into your girlfriend.

A few fortnights ago, I saw a gruesome sight in a bar here in downtown Singapore I frequently go to. It involved a friend of mine and a perfect 10. What horrified me was not the way interaction between the man and the woman occurred in the first few minutes, but rather, what happened afterward. Read on…

My pal spotted a gorgeous girl in skinny jeans and too-tight white shirt. She was standing by the bar and he approached her casually asking about some random stuff...


Long story short... they hit it off and he goes in for a close, frontal cuddle. A few seconds later, she’s fondling his chest and he’s closing the deal with a deep kiss. A collective sigh spread across the room as dudes enviously leered at the sizzling, sexually charged scene in front of us.

If you were among the spectators in the bar that night you would never have guessed what happened next...

What happened next gave us a rude shock...

Just after what seemed to be a lingering romantic kiss, light hit the woman’s face and she wasn’t smiling. She was smirking.

On second thought, that was the same expression on her face when their lips connected, but we (and most likely my friend) were too excited to notice. Hell, no, I thought… that’s no goddess in blissful, sensual rapture. That’s the queen bitch about to devour her latest victim.

Heady and delirious, my buddy was still in a haze when the girl delivered her bomb. She yelled “you’re weird, get off me” loudly enough for everyone to hear. She was cold as ice and triumphant. The poor guy was shocked and mumbling as he rushed after her to the exit to apologize. The more he apologized, explained and begged, the more her ego bloated. In fact, it’s a wonder she fit inside the doorframe with an ego as big as Godzilla. She screamed at him to get lost once more and then she stormed off.

He staggered back to our table echoing the same question in the minds of the guys around us… What the heck happened?

You must have heard guys compare a girl’s egos to her breast size, and at that point I was inclined to agree with that. Although it’s not unusual to see a dissing in a bar, it was still shocking to see my friend experience what all of us went through at one point.

The ugly truth about (some) women...

The fact is that some women like playing with men’s feelings. They like slapping men around after they’ve had their fun, just for the heck of it.

Before she’s done portraying the role of the willing female, she will show her true colors. She will give out clues that she’s about to hammer a man’s pride when he’s most vulnerable.

So was it my friend’s fault that he got dissed that badly? Hell yeah. You see, if you are playing the game and you let lust or triumph cloud your judgment, you will fall prey to egotistical bitchy ladies who put on airs because they know that most men will gladly hand over their dignity for a glimpse of a deep cleavage.

Don’t fall for that vicious prank... even if she’s a perfect ten. Keep a clear mind and create your own reality where you control everything, you’re the main character and she only plays the role of YOUR leading lady.

The ONLY strategy to pass this shit test with flying colors...

I discovered this nifty strategy any guy can use on bitch goddesses almost by accident. The funny (and amazing) thing is that I was able to do this a few more times until I became quite sure that this is the secret tactic to use on women who live to put men to shame.

So without further ado, here’s the SYSTEM you can use to get instant protection from the sickly sweet viciousness of a vixen.

Let me illustrate this system by going back to the earlier story...

If he was thinking clearly then, he would have realized that there are things he could have done to humble this ill-mannered woman who was overstepping her bounds.

Weirdly enough, I did this a couple of times with women who were so full of themselves that they haughtily informed me that I was not ‘fit to date’ them...

… and guess what. The most amazing thing happened. I was able to generate attraction just by jabbing at a soft spot that the woman was secretly protecting.

How to find a woman's weak spot...

If you can push a girl’s ache buttons, you can crack open her armor of invincibility, so that she has to depend on you to console her bruised ego. Make no mistake about it, a woman who looks perfect is keeping certain weaknesses behind that haughty demeanor. If you can identify that, you can access deep psychological triggers that you can manipulate to your benefit.

This weakness could be a covert pleasure spot, a concealed desire, or a painful experience she could barely keep hidden. Here are some examples of this tactic in action....

Tactic #1: Busting her frame to set up yours

Let me tell you something about compliance, and how you can use this to establish and re-establish your frame around women who go around treating men like dirt. Making a woman submit to your authority is not just about stopping her from blowing you off with a gesture or a rude statement. Rather, it’s a way to subconsciously condition women to follow your lead during your conversation. 

Leading during interaction is all about controlling the setting and ADJUSTING the stage according to signs she gives out. Read on to find out what I mean...

First things first, watch her body language like a hawk. If she starts to act up, frowns, glowers, pulls you to her for the death kiss with a smirk on her face, or encourages you to make a fool of yourself before she busts your balls… extract your logic from your feelings and coldly deliver your negative remark.

For instance, when she frowns at you, tell her the concealer she applied is a failure; and that her facial lines stand out more under the black light. Appearance is an obvious choice if you’re looking for something to attack.

But remember, you want to put her in her place, not to make her think that you’re a jerk, so there’s an art to delivering a sharp remark that will cut her to the core, but still subconsciously bring her closer to you.

(Notably, this is a tactic that Colin Simone have perfected, and he uses this trick liberally during dates to spike up a woman's sexual temperature to prime her up to sex. He makes a bold claim of being able to make a woman submit sexually to him in 3 dates or less... but that's another story).

Tactic #2: Take (and maintain) control

Caution: if you start a name-calling war against a hot babe, you will look bad, and you will feel worse if she takes you seriously. The trick is to soften the blow by using a tone that is gentle and soft as a sea breeze.

So... don’t ever lose control of the conversation and don’t get swept away by the tide of emotions that comes when you engage in grade school level taunting.

Keep your head above the water and just make it seem like you’re saying something very flattering to her, even when you’re not. Smile sincerely, deliver the line and look at her like you would a girl you want to date.

Tactic #3: Give compliment-laced "negative" remarks

If she glares at you, tell her she looks prettier when her eyes are in their normal size (though you can let slip that you like the expression of wide-eyed innocence).

If she rolls her eyes, tell her something like this: “are your false eyelashes bothering you?  I should have known those beautiful lashes were fake”. Another example: tell her you really like older women so it doesn’t bother you that she looks older than all the girls inside the club because she’s not smiling.

Because these negative statements are flowery enough to sound like compliments, she won’t be able to figure out what to do with them; although she will feel like she just swallowed a prickly candy.

As a result, you bait her into conversing with you more, particularly if she realizes that you’re really just teasing her rather than acting like a total jerk.

Remember this one last thing...

A bitchy woman’s idea of playing mind games with a guy adopts a certain pattern.

It typically goes like this. First she lets you show her how much you like her, and then she leaves when she’s proven that you are willing to do anything for her. She puffs up with pride and she leaves you hanging...

...but if you can prick her pride enough to keep her grounded and well inside your frame, and you apply these principles the right way, you might just land yourself a date with the fiercest vixen around.

Also, realize that this is a "Mini Guide" and I'm only able to give you the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using the best techniques on how to pass a woman's shit tests with flying colors... and make her sexually compliant.

If you've studied my flagship SeductionOnSteroids™ program you probably already know some of the most powerful seduction techniques ever invented and using them to get some level of success with women...

But if you haven't seen the program then you owe it to yourself to get an advanced education on attracting and managing women. With my tactics, women will have no choice but to feel attracted to you... even though they might even feel "disgusted" by your physical appearance.

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My very best to you!

Derek Rake  

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